A la carte

Taxes and services included



  • Shrimps from our ponds, beetroot ravioli, Mikan mandarin fermented vinaigrette. € 18
  • Poultry liver cake, Jerusalem artichoke creamy, foie gras chips and truffle. € 22

Main courses

  • Mediterranean Seabass roasted in semi-salt butter, lemon cedrat confit and citrus compote with lacto-fermented red pepper, cabbage kohirabi glaced with coriander. € 32
  • Kintoa pork, grilled polenta and squash, Meyer lemon zest confit, coconut milk and turmeric meat juice. €32
  • Aubrac beef, potato crisp with coffee and fried kale cabbage, malt meat juice and whisky Ardbeg 10 years ice cream. € 36           

Our cheeses trolley €16



  • Mikan Mandarin poached, creamy milk chocolate Andoa and its brownies, Mandarin sorbet with Sichuan pepper. € 14La poire comice
  • Spicy whisky baba, pecan nuts wrapped cream and caramelized banana. € 12