A la carte

Taxes and services included



  • The duck foie gras in a puff pastry shell, figs served fresh and fig jam, Mulled wine reduction. €22
  • The onion from the Cévennes region confit with skipjack fish, citrus perfumed fish cake. €16
  • The Low temperature cooked egg, potato spaghetti infused with truffle, eggnog foam. €18

Main courses

  • The rainbow trout with "grenobloise" garnish (caper, lemon, crouton), glazed butternut. €30
  • The Kriaxera duck with blackberries, roasted beets, blackberries reduction, coffee and licorice. €32     
  • The Aubrc Beef, icecream of Ardbeg whiskey aged 10 years, buckwheat crisp and onion jam, malted meat juice. €36                      

Our cheeses trolley €16



  • Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate... €14La poire comice
  • The greengage plum Vacherin, ginger yogurt. €12
  • The caramelized pears, cinnamon Arlette, caramel mousse and pear sorbet. €12