A la carte

Taxes and services included


Starters 20

  • Mackerel poched in a dill broth, zucchini flower stuffed with Pélardon cheese and zucchini mousse.
  • Terrine of duck foie gras, Cherries and cocoa.

Main courses 36

  • Steamed monkfish, homemade BBQ sauce, poivrade artichockes, samphires.
  • 48 Hours confit porc cheek, dark chocolate sauce, green peas and girolle mushrooms.
  • Beef from Aubrac roast with miso, beef and ponzu sauce, cabbage stuffed with einkorn.           

cheese trolley 16


Desserts 14

  • Strawberry Vacherin, Voantsy Perifery pepper.
    La poire comice
  • Texture around the Andoa chocolate, cardamom Ice cream.
  • Apricot in the beehive : Roast Apricots, Honey from Aubrac, diplomate cream and verbena.