A la carte

Taxes and services included



  • Duck and foie gras pie, cabbage leaf, meat reduction. €22
  • The egg semi cooked in olive oil, parnsip mash, beef consomme jelly. €16
  • The Eel from Perols, horseradish cream, kalamansi Lemon, mustard leaves. €20

Main courses

  • Seabass from Méditerranée, oven cooked salsify flavored with Kabosu, smoky consomme and oyster from Thau. €32
  • Roe served in 2 services: Wrapped in a pasta raviole with foie gras and its smoky consommé.Roasted with kororima, squash and vanilla mash, citron, game reduction sauce with cocoa and tobacco hints €36    
  • Organic veal, icecream of Arberg whiskey aged 10 years, smoked bread porridge, braised lettuce, malted meat juice. €34                      

Our cheeses trolley €16



  • Ice Dulcey chocolate Dome, whisky ganache, cocoa sponge cake, toffee sorbet. €14La poire comice
  • Laetitia's Tiramisu, ice cold cappuccino and coffee liquor. €12
  • Bergamote, Madeleine and coriander sorbet, Earl Grey jelly. €12