Gourmand Menu

starter+main course+cheese or dessert € 52 service included

All our dishes can be taken A la carteLes champignons

Starters €16

  • The fresh herbs and vegetables pie, n°12.
  • Mushrooms from Lozère cannelloni gratin with parmesan cheese, homemade ham, and arugula.

Main courses €32

  • Poached Turbot, the first fried chanterelles and sparkling broth, bean and aubergine caviar.
  • Organic Aubrac veal in roast, new carrots, crispy potato, meat jus with liquorice notes.                          

Our cheeses trolley €16


Desserts € 14

  • Poached rhubarb with hibiscus, sorbet cherries, crispy muesli.Pigeon
  • Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate....


Head Chef Thomas Réa